COVID25: Egyptian Drama Predicts a Future Pandemic Will be Transmitted Via Vision

Published May 2nd, 2021 - 06:56 GMT
COVID25 Show Poster
The show predicts a future covid25 pandemic. (Twitter: @Abuelnour12)

A new Egyptian drama show has just drawn viewers' attention as it narrates stories of a future pandemic, one that breaks out in the year 2025, caused by a coronavirus that is transmitted via vision.

The 15-episode show COVID25 has become an online trend as viewers discussed its premise and whether the world will be able to handle major mutations of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, many social media users have taken to online platforms posting memes that echoed the show's ideas, particularly the fact that people will need to cover their eyes instead of their noses and mouths, in order for them to be protected from the new pandemic. Some users even posted photos of people covering their eyes with face masks.

Moreover, some users attacked the show, saying it copies ideas from the 2018 American movie "Bird Box", where people died as they laid eyes on a mysterious force, saying that creators of the show should have highlighted that their work was inspired by the movie.

Additionally, some online people highlighted the fact that creators have anticipated 5-camera iPhones to be in use by 2025, to show how the smallest details have been taken into consideration.

Translation: "Have you noticed that the show expects iPhones to have 5 cameras by 2025?"

The show starring Youssef El Sherif is set to be aired throughout the second half of Ramadan.

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