Egypt: The Curse of the Pharaohs Is Coming True in 2021

Published March 28th, 2021 - 06:13 GMT
Mummies in Cairo by the pyramids
Online commentators have been starting to notice a pattern in disastrous events hitting Egypt for about a week now. (Twitter: @u2nd1)

News of the Ever Given cargo ship fully blocking traffic through the Suez Canal for the first time in its history has gone viral for about a week now, but the latest conversations have been suggesting a paranormal activity controlling Egyptian fates recently.

Online commentators have been starting to notice a pattern in disastrous events hitting Egypt for about a week now, including the Suez Canal being blocked by a humongous Japanese-owned cargo ship, causing an international trade halt through the vital waterway, one that is feared to further burden the already aggravated global economy.

In addition to, so far, failed attempts to refloat the Ever Given ship, Egypt has suffered a deadly train crash near Suhaj city, one that resulted in at least 39 deaths, as per figures provided by the Egyptian Health Ministry.

Moreover, Egyptian local news has reported 18 deaths in the collapse of a residential building in el-Salam neighbourhood in Cairo. A few hours later, residents of El-Marioutteya area in Giza reported the collapse of parts of the formwork of an under-construction bridge, but no injures have been reported by officials so far.

On Saturday, too, a huge fire started in a train station in the city of Zagazig to the south of Egypt, causing panic across travelers before the fire was successfully extinguished.

Online, this unusual sequence of events has been linked to the long-awaited national event scheduled next Saturday in Egypt, one during which 22 ancient Egyptian mummies and 17 royal tombs are going to be transferred from the old Egyptian Museum near Tahrir Square to the Grand Egyptian Museum to the west of the Nile, in what has been called a Royal Parade.

According to social media users, the unfortunate events that have been reported in Egypt are increasingly being associated with the "Curse of the pharaohs" that have long been discussed and featured in mythology and Sci-fi literary works.

Many Egyptians are expressing their fears online, saying that the attempts of relocating the ancient mummies might be causing all the disruptions across the country, suggesting that it may be better for Egypt to cancel the event and keep the mummies in their current location.

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