Did Elon Musk fall in love with fake CIA agent?

Published March 19th, 2023 - 02:48 GMT
Elon Musk
Elon Musk. (Shutterstock)

ALBAWABA - American billionaire Elon Musk shared a controversial post on Twitter triggering questions about a possible relationship between him and a fake CIA agent.

The photo shared by Tesla CEO reads: "Falling in love hits different when you know they're a paid actor sent by the CIA to distract you from dedicating your life to dismantling the government."

The post shared by Musk, who recently acquired Twitter in a $44 billion deal, gained massive interaction as it hit 13.9 million views in a couple of hours.

Most people started to analyse the tweet claiming that Musk could have been dating a fake CIA agent and some questioned how he knew she was an actor for the CIA.

A person commented: "Oh damn. And I thought we all had problems and worries." Another user said: "Wow! And it hits different coming from you!"

On the other hand, Elon Musk recently tweeted saying that the platform exceeded 8 billion users-minutes per day.

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