Egyptian Uproar Over New Civil Status Law; Women Are Losing Their Second-class Citizen Rank

Published March 4th, 2021 - 09:01 GMT
Egyptian Uproar Over New Social Status Law; Women Are Losing The Second-class Citizen Rank
Egyptian women were hoping for better rights under the new law. (Twitter: @ra_no_y)

While the world prepares to celebrate women during the month of March, Egyptian women reported shock over unconfirmed details of the new draft civil status law , one that has been deemed less favorable of women in comparison with the older law.

Even though the new law has not yet been approved, Egyptian women reported major concerns over the new law, as some of its articles are taking away some of women's already granted rights.

Social media activists have highlighted a number of issues with the new law, such as articles that grant male family members the right to prevent adult women from traveling without permission, in addition to allowing them to veto their marriages at any point.

Despite celebrating raising the legal age for marriage to 18, the new draft law is still giving men massive rights in comparison with women, including exclusive custody rules in cases of separation or divorce.

Egyptian women have called on MPs not to pass the new law, saying that modern laws should recognize women's status in the 21st century as full human beings.

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