Israel's Crackdown on Journalists Is Now Bluntly Targeting Int'l Media

Published June 6th, 2021 - 07:59 GMT
Gevara Al-Badiri
Aljazeera's correspondent in Jerusalem was assaulted and detained for several hours. (Twitter: @JamalsNews)

Despite the continued ceasefire between Israel and Gazan armed groups for several weeks now, tensions are on the rise in East Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood again, which was the main trigger of the May escalations in the first place.

Amidst the growing tensions between Palestinian residents of the neighbourhood who are threatened by forced evictions, Israeli forces have assaulted and arrested Aljazeera's correspondent as she was covering the news in the Sheikh Jarrah.

Wearing the press vest, Gevara Al-Badiri was violently approached by Israeli soldiers before she was arrested for several hours, during which she says she "was treated like a criminal".

In an official statement by the Doha-based news network, Aljazeera condemned the attack against its correspondent and accused Israel of trying to suppress the truth.

Al-Badiri has been the network's Arabic correspondent for nearly 20 years and has been covering West Bank developments since the 2000 intifada.

News of Al-Badiri's arrest reminded online commentators of other recent incidents which show growing Israeli hostility towards journalists and media personnel, including the attack on CNN's leading Middle East journalist Ben Wedeman as he and his team were filming clashes in the West Bank a few weeks ago.

Moreover, Israel has deliberately destroyed Aljazeera's and AP's offices in Gaza during the latest military operation, which has been criticized by many international organizations as an attack on journalists who try to report events from the ground.

While Aljazeera's correspondent name has been trending on social media networks since last night, Jerusalem's sources have reported that Israel has also arrested local journalist and photographer Mune ElKurd, whose family is amongst 28 Palestinian families facing forced evictions.

The latest arrest was of Muna Al Kurd. A fresh graduate of media and journalism from Berizeit University, Muna was recently featured in VICE News' short documentary on the situation in Sheikh Jarrah.

According to online sources, her arrest might be linked to a short video she filmed and posted yesterday morning, showing a Jewish settler instructing an Israeli soldier with actions to take against the residents of the neighbourhood.

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