Was James Cordon Racist Against Asians? Petition Urges an Apology

Published June 27th, 2021 - 06:29 GMT
James Cordon
Cordon's Spill Your Guts segment stirred anti-Asian controversy. (Twitter)

Despite it being one of the most popular late-night shows on TV, The Late Late Show With James Corden has come under fire over a recent segment for being Anti-Asian.

Creating an online petition demanding the cancelation of the "Spill Your Guts" segment from the TV show, popular TikTok creator Kim Saira has demanded an apology for Asian people, urging non-Asians to refrain from making offensive and "culturally insensitive" remarks against Asian food.

The backlash started following the segment in which Cordon usually hosts a well-known figure, asking them to either answer an embarrassing question or to try a plate of food, ones that often feature unpopular mixes or less known foods.

Cordon's controversial segment featured balut, century-old eggs, and chicken feet, which were referred to by the comedian as "disgusting." However, these plates are regularly consumed by people from Asian backgrounds and are amongst their popular dishes.

In response to the petition that included the hashtag #CancelSpillYourGuts, Cordon addressed the issue while he was on The Howard Stern Show, saying that "his team will make sure not to include similar dishes in the future", but he also insisted that the show did not mean to offend any people but rather to "present light and funny segments."

In the defense of his segment, Cordon mentioned his team's selection of a pizza covered with a cheeseburger as an example of unpopular food which guests would have a hard time with, suggesting that it is not targeted at cultures that consume such foods.

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