Kanye West Is Back in the Game: Name Finally Appeared on Election Ballots but Not as Presidential Candidate

Published October 13th, 2020 - 06:06 GMT
Kanye West Is Back in the Game: Name Finally Appeared on Election Ballots but Not as Presidential Candidate
West's name was listed in an official Califonia ballot as VP for Rocky De La Fuente who is running as an independent. (Chris DELMAS / AFP)

Only two weeks before the long-anticipated 2020 US elections, the US prominent rapper Kanye West who had pledged to run for president back in July, has kicked off his new campaign with a short video. Meanwhile, early voters in the State of California have seen his name on the ballots as a hopeful Vice President for the American businessman Rocky De La Fuente who is running as an independent against Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and at least three other candidates.

Questions over West's seriousness in running for office have been rising in the last few weeks, especially after the well-known rapper failed to hold more than one presidential event that was deemed controversial last July. However, photos of a voting ballot issued lately in California with his name as a VP candidate had reignited the conversation.

Last night, West's campaign released a short video that has been perceived as quite emotional, calling on Americans to support his campaign, saying that he is "stepping out on faith."

While Kanye's twitter posts don't present voters with a full plan, West is clearly very passionate about abortion. In his first campaign rally, which was held in South Carolina, the rapper broke into tears talking about his mother's consideration of aborting him, in addition to the abortion discussion he had with his wife, the famous reality TV personality, Kim Kardashian upon her pregnancy with their eldest child, North.

Additionally, West has recently tweeted against abortion in black communities, saying that "1000 black babies are aborted every day."

Moreover, West's election statements and tweets have never mentioned the American businessman Rocky De La Fuente, who has listed the rap star as his hopeful VP candidate.

Online people have shared a screenshot of an alleged statement issued by West's campaign, that claimed that West's name has been included in the independent's ballot listing "without his knowledge."

Meanwhile, West shared a photo of a ballot in which a voter had written his name in for president.

It remains unclear if West's name as a presidential candidate has made it to ballots that have been issued in the different US States.

According to data announced by The United States Elections Project, more than 50 million registered voters have already requested early voting ballots across the country, even though the US President has been warning against mail-in ballots, claiming that it's easier to rig the elections using these ballots, which are expected to be requested by many Americans amidst the on-going pandemic that requires social distancing and avoiding crowded public spaces.

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