Kim Jong-Un Reportedly Ordered the Killing of All Cats and Pigeons

Published May 30th, 2021 - 08:10 GMT
Kim Jung Un
The North Korean leader's response to the COVID-19 crisis has stirred questions many times. (Albawaba: Riham Darwish)

In an effort to maintain the official image of a virus-free nation since it fully closed its borders with the outside world in January 2020, orders given by the North Korean leader have reportedly targeted both cats and pigeons, feared to be transmitting the virus into the country from China.

In Sinuiju and Hyesan cities across the Chinese borders, media sources are reporting official orders to eradicate all cats and pigeons in fear of "bringing the coronavirus from China."

These orders have been believed to be made by the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un directly, especially that it is only part of a series of strange decisions taken in the country to tackle the spread of the coronavirus.

In April 2021, authorities issued orders to citizens asking them to stay indoors during a dust storm that was hitting parts of the country, in fear that the strong wind would transmit COVID-19 particles through the air."

So far, the official narrative of the North Korean government claims that the outbreak is under control with little to no cases reported.

Yet, international voices have cast doubts that the country is COVID-free, suggesting that it is infecting thousands of people in the sanctioned country.

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