Kuwaiti series faces backlash for offending Iraqis

Published March 27th, 2023 - 08:51 GMT
London Batch
London Batch drew wide criticism online. (Social media)

ALBAWABA - Ramadan Kuwaiti series "London Batch (دفعة لندن)" stirred debate on social media following the broadcast of the first episodes. 

The series caused a wave of anger among activists after it was accused of offending Iraqi people.

The series talks about a group of expatriate Arab students studying medicine at a London university in the 1980s. Each of them has different ideas, convictions, and principles from the others. 

Iraqis denounced the series which tells the story of Iraqi women who work as maids and were accused of stealing. An Iraqi man appears in one scene as he refused to help Kuwaiti girls after their money was stolen and spat on them instead of helping them.

Iraqi feminist movement decried the "London Batch" by highlighting the great achievements of Iraqi women. The movement posted: "Iraqi women are our pride and the makers of civilizations and achievements in the countries of the world."

The Kuwaiti ambassador in Iraq was summoned over the series which caused wide controversy on social media.

"London Batch" is a Ramadan series by a Saudi production company and was written by Kuwaiti writer Heba Mashari Hamada as well as it was directed by Egyptian director Mohamed Bakir.

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