Netflix's Arabic Version of 'Perfect Strangers' Questioned

Published January 23rd, 2022 - 11:36 GMT
Perfect Strangers
Netflix's Arabic version of the Italian movie ‘Perfect Strangers’- Ashab Wala A’azz. (Netflix)
The movie was adapted from the Italian movie ‘Perfect Strangers’.

Days after the Arabic version of the Italian movie ‘Perfect Strangers’- أصحاب ولا أعز Ashab Wala A’azz- was released, it got massive criticism on social media as many viewers said that it violates the Middle Eastern social norms and that it contradicted social norms.

Netflix's first Arabic movie, which was played by a super famous cast including Egyptian actress Muna Zaki, Lebanese Nadine Labaki and Georges Khabbaz, was under fire for its plot despite the fact that it was taken as it is from the Italian movie. 

Several hashtags were released, including #اصحاب_ولا_اعز, as people protested the ideas the movie is trying to discuss; saying it spread immorality among Arabs and called Netflix to ban and stop the streaming of the film saying that it aims to spread some deviant ideas such as cheating spouses and homosexuality. 

Despite the fact that there were thousands of people calling for the boycott of the movie, many others have shown support for the movie and the cast and encouraged people to watch it.

Some supporters have slammed those who asked for the ban of the Arabic version of the Italian movie ‘Perfect Strangers’ justifying that all the ideas mentioned in the plot already existed in the Arabic community despite public denial.

On the other hand, some said that the controversial ideas the movie includes will make it more popular and intriguing for people to watch, leading to further profit for the producers as they urged people not to talk about it or give it any attention.

Egyptian actor Amr Waked commented on the film saying: "any person who's afraid that a movie might change his/her ideology, doesn't have any."

The Italian original movie was reproduced in several foreign versions including Spanish, Greek, French, Korean, Mexican, Turkish, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and many more. However, the Arabic version of it ‘Ashab Wala A’azz’ was the most controversial one.

‘Ashab Wala A’azz’ is an Egyptian comedy-drama film directed by Wissam Samira and starring Mona Zaki, Iyad Nassar, Adel Karam, Nadine Labaki and George Khabbaz. The movie is based on the Italian movie ‘Perfect Strangers’ and premiered on Netflix on January 20, 2022.

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