New Coronavirus Found In UK Bats; How Dangerous Is It Yet?

Published April 27th, 2021 - 07:12 GMT
Fears are mounting of a new deadly virus originating in UK bats. (Shutterstock: ilnazgilov)

A scientific study conducted on UK bats has found a new deadly virus that can potentially be transmitted to humans and cause a new pandemic, local press has reported.

The new coronavirus has been described as "similar to the current COVID-19," according to the findings of research conducted at the University of East Anglia in cooperation with the Zoological Society of London and Public Health England.

According to the Eastern Daily Press, examining horseshoe bats in Gloucestershire, undergraduate ecology student Ivana Murphythe has found sarbecovirus. No data has yet proven that the new coronavirus can cause respiratory infections as no reports have yet shown that it has transmitted to humans.

Such results come at a time the world is tackling a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic which has infected near 150 million people worldwide and killing more than 3 million so far.

The research aims at providing cautionary knowledge that can help humans avoid a new viral outbreak that can potentially be as deadly as the coronavirus, which has changed life on earth over the last 15 months.

As per recommendations provided by researchers, tight protection regulations need to be applied all over the world whenever humans interact with bats so new diseases can be avoided for good.

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