North Korea's 'Big Sister' Called South Korea's President 'a Parrot'

Published March 30th, 2021 - 08:13 GMT
Kim Yo-jong
Kim Yo-jong has been regarded as one of the most powerful people in North Korea. (Twitter)

A few days after the North Korean launch of a new ballistic missile, the sister of the North Korean leader has made a surprising statement, one that seemed to offend the president of neighboring South Korea.

The powerful Kim Yo-jong who has been known for her strong statements over the years has commented on criticism expressed by South Korea following the ballistic launch, saying that president Moon Jae-in "is a parrot raised by the US."

Kim Yo-jong who seemed frustrated by the condemnation expressed by the US, South Korea, and the UN has taken aim at Moon Jae-in, an ally of the west, saying that all he does is adopt American political stances.

The statement made by Kim Yo-jong echoed similar statements made by North Korean officials who rejected US condemnation of the ballistic launch, including ones issued by the White House.

This growing tension between North Korea and the US comes as a new development in the relationship between the two countries, especially after Joe Biden's win ended the relatively calm ties established during the four years of Donald Trump's leadership, during which Trump and Kim Jong-un made a historic appearance together in June 2019.


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