Save Zakaria Al Zubaidi: The Social Media Cries Foul of Torture, Beatings by Israeli Police

Published September 14th, 2021 - 06:06 GMT

ALBAWABA – Hash tagging this morning is “Zakaria under torture” -  #زكريا_تحت_التعذيب. The whole social media is taking about the Palestinian, a former leader of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, who was tortured after the Israeli police caught him after his dramatic escape, with five other mates from the Galboa prison to the north of the West Bank.

The whole social media is talking about him and about the fact how the Israeli occupation intelligence smashed his face and broken his hands and hit him on the face and all over his body and is now in ICU hospital according a social media talk.

Postings of the fate of Zakaria Al Zubaidi is being made and reposted on different social media websites. All activists and his family are talking about the extraordinary fete of the six prisoners despite the capture of four of them. They and Zakaria is being subjected to “cruel torture”, “ghosting”, “beatings” and “electric shocks” since he was re-arrested.

The hashtag saying “support the heroic prisoners” is being posted everywhere. However, the social media buzz is glaring. Is he in hospital or isn’t he? The spokeswoman for the Israeli Rambam Medical Center say he is not there nor was there contact with Al Zubaidi since his arrest contrary to posting on facebook and other Arabic social media websites. So where is he?

Posts are saying he is in prison and has not been taken to any medical center. But because of these the issue of beatings and torture is being made. Still some insist he is in the ICU “fighting for his life” in fact at the Shaare Zefek Hospital in hospital.

Zakaria’s brother has stated that the Israeli court has not allowed Zakaria’s lawyer to meet him. This is because of his critical health condition due to the beating. He fears that his brother maybe facing imminent death and may become permanently disabled as medical reports also suggest because he is being interrogated by the Israeli military.

The military take is important with posts stating he has been transferred to an Israeli military hospital, the third time in just two days obviously because of the cruel treatment at the hands of the Israeli Mossad.

Postings of Zakaria Al Zubaidi is constantly being made especially now with images of him in different stages of his life, when he was a little boy growing up and now, when he was beaten.

Protests in support of the six Palestinian prisoners - Zakaria Zubeidi, Mahmoud Abdullah Ardah, Mohammad Qassem Ardah, Yacoub Mohmoud Qadr, Ayham Nayef Kamanji and Yacoub Nfeiat has triggered a raw nerve of support across the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza Strip.


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