Viral Video Shows Teenage Girl Shot by Israeli Soldiers While in Her House in Sheikh Jarrah

Published May 25th, 2021 - 06:32 GMT
Jana Al Kiswani
15-year old Jana is suffering a major injury in her spine, according to doctors. (Twitter/ AlQastal Network)

For weeks now, tensions have been on the rise in Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in the wake of legal action by Jewish organizations trying to push 28 Palestinian families out of their homes.

Amongst the many events that took place recently in the neighbourhood is the shooting of rubber bullets into a house by two Israeli soldiers, injuring 15-year-old Jana Al Kiswani.

According to her family, Jana was in her house when she was shot with a bullet that has caused her a major spine injury.

Meanwhile, online people have widely shared a video that was filmed by one of Al Kiswani's neighbours as they were watching the two soldiers who stood by their house. 

The video shows the moment one of the soldiers shot a rubber bullet towards the Al Kiswani's house, moments before a young girl, thought to be Jana, was heard screaming. Despite the loud screams, the soldier went on to shoot another bullet into the same spot.

As social media users shared the video, they accused Israeli soldiers of following new "intimidation tactics meant to scare Palestinian residents away from the neighbourhood".

Sheikh Jarrah has been the centre of East Jerusalem's conflict, as Palestinians report harassment by Israeli soldiers and settlers supported by Israeli police.

Yaakov Fauci, an American Israeli settler in the neighbourhood has stirred global controversy recently after being featured in a VICE News short documentary, saying that Israel aims to place as many Jews in Sheikh Jarrah as possible so the neighbourhood is "not lost in any future peace deals".

According to international law, East Jerusalem is amongst occupied Palestinian territories that were captured during the 1967 war, where "transferring own civilian population into is considered a war crime".

Escalations in East Jerusalem during April and the early days of May had led to a violent series of events between Israel and Gaza for 11 days, one that ended with an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire on the 21st of May.

Commenting on the Sheikh Jarrah tensions, Israel's Foreign Ministry has called it "a real estate dispute", arguing that it is being handled by the Israeli's Supreme Court.

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