Shocking Videos Emerge From Sudan After Internet Connection Restored

Published July 11th, 2019 - 09:57 GMT
Sudan Military Council carried out deadly crackdown on civilian protesters on June 3, 2019
The internet connection was cut off Sudan since the crackdown until July 10, 2019
Social media users in Sudan share documentation of the massacre after the internet is restored

Shocking videos have emerged in the past few hours from Sudan of civilians being brutally beaten and dragged down the streets. Videos were taken during the deadly crackdown brought by the ruling Transitional Military Council on peaceful protesters on June 3.

Following the deadly crackdown in which more than 100 were killed and hundreds injured, Sudan’s ruling military severed internet access all around the country for a month.

Later this week, telecom providers around the country began restoring mobile access and users have confirmed they are back online on social media platforms.

Meanwhile, and few hours after the internet was restored, Sudanese social media users started sharing disturbing photos and videos of the mass crackdown by the Sudan military against civilian protesters who were demanding a civilian government after overthrowing the Omar Bashir’s regime who ruled the country for 30 years.

At a time when the military council blocked the internet in a bid to prevent the world from knowing what is happening inside Sudan, activists and social media users proved otherwise.

According to them, the new footage was posted to document the deadly crackdown on protesters that left hundreds between dead and injured.

On hashtag #توثيق_مجزرة_القيادة_العامة [Documenting the Military Council Massacare], tens of disturbing videos were shared.

*Warning: Some videos might contain sensitive content.

Other videos showed militants beating civilians and stepping on their heads in the streets.

Translation: “Denial won’t be helpful. Those violations by the military council were well-prepared from the beginning until the end.”

The turmoil in Sudan started late in December 2018 when people protested against Omar Bashir. In April 2019, Bashir was ousted in a military coup. Millions of Sudanese have been protesting in the streets of Sudan and demanding a civilian government.

On June 3, the ruling military council opened live fire on demonstrators taking part at a peaceful sit-in outside the army headquarters in Khartoum. During the crackdown, the military cut off the internet connection all around the country while at least 100 were killed, and hundreds were injured with rape incidents reported.

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