Tunisia arrests LGBTQ+ members

Published March 1st, 2023 - 03:45 GMT
(Shutterstock/ file photo)

ALBAWABA - Damj organization released a statement that the Tunisian police are targeting LGBTQ+ members following a campaign started by the Tunisian interior ministry. 

Damaj said that the Tunisian police are targeting LGBTQ+ members by raiding their homes and targeting them on the streets and through social media platforms.

On Feb. 13, Tunisian authorities raided the houses of three transgenders, violently attacking them, forcing them to sign statements without reading or knowing their content, and preventing them from contacting a lawyer.

On Feb. 27, the Tunisian Court of Appeal sentenced a transgender woman to a six-month prison term and people who were with her during the arrest time.

Another gay man was also sentenced, just a week ago, to 3 years, while another transgender woman was jailed for one year.

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