The Turkish ‘Pentagon’ Is More Than Just a Govt Compound

Published September 2nd, 2021 - 09:06 GMT
Turkish Pentagon
The Turkish 'Pentagon' is inspired by the crescent and the star featured on the Turkish flag. (Twitter: @thenihilist911)

In celebration of "Victory Day" also known as "Armed Forces Day" which commemorates a 1922 Turkish military victory, the Turkish president has announced plans for a mega new building to house the Ministry of Defense.

During the ceremony that took place in Ankara on the 30th of August, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan revealed plans for the Crescent and Star new government compound near the Intelligence Agency, one that will be the new headquarters of the Ministry of Defense and the armed forces.

The new compound will consist of several buildings resembling a crescent and a star, inspired by the Turkish national flag. However, initial drawings of the giant project have prompted many people to refer to it as "the Turkish Pentagon", suggesting it looks like the well-known headquarters of the US Department of Defense.

According to official Turkish media outlets, the building will be ready by the 19th of May 2023, which is just a month prior to the next presidential elections in the country. Plans have shown that the compound will be built over 135 million sq. meters and will be able to house at least 15,000 government employees.

This detail has sparked many online discussions over the timing and the purpose of constructing the new compound, with many people hinting that it might be a government gesture to boost the president's popularity at a time "his approval rate is dropping," in the wake of rising inflation, the pandemic response, and raging wildfires. 

Meanwhile, Erdogan justified plans for 'the Turkish Pentagon' saying that it will "strike fear to Turkey's enemies and give confidence to its friends" and that it will be a national symbol that will showcase the country's power.

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