Turkish man drinks urine to survive under quake rubble

Published February 16th, 2023 - 11:58 GMT
A local resident, whose loved ones are still under the rubble, wander near the collapsed buildings in Hatay on February 14, 2023, a week after a 7,8-magnitude earthquake struck parts of Turkey and Syria. (Photo by BULENT KILIC / AFP)

ALBAWABA - Huseyin Berber, 62, a Turkish survivor of the devastating earthquake, revealed that he drank from his own urine to survive, having been stuck under the rubble of his house in the city of Antakya, southern Turkey, for more than a week without access to food or drink.

According to diabetic Berber's statements from his hospital bed in the Turkish city of Mersin, he had one bottle of water, and when it ran out during the 187 hours he spent under a pile of rubble, he drank his urine.

He explained that he found his diabetes medication and a water bottle in the dirt surrounding him.

“An hour later, I took the bottle of water and drank it,” he said, adding "excuse me, I peed on it and drank it when it got cold. I saved myself (doing) that.”

The story of Berber's determination to survive and his courage has been widely circulating on social media platforms.

Doctors, however, cautioned against drinking urine under any circumstances, since it contains toxins that harm the body significantly.

The teams succeeded in rescuing Berber, who was later hospitalized.

On Feb. 6, a massive earthquake struck southern Turkey and northern Syria with a magnitude of 7.8, followed by another massive one with 7.6-magnitude and hundreds of aftershocks.

At least 41,000 people were killed in both Turkey and Syria, and thousands of other injured or remain missing.

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