Violence: 66% of Women Beat up Their Husbands in Egypt

Published February 3rd, 2022 - 11:32 GMT
Kitchen violence

ALBAWABA - This is the other way round! What you might say unbelievable. But its true nevertheless - violence against husbands. 

Statistics in Egypt show that 66 percent of women who stand before family courts beat up their husbands. Yes, its violence against men. The women - again 66 percent - stand before courts also demand that they be divorced from their husbands.

Wow you might say! This is confirmed by the UN Crime Research Center which ranks Egypt as  first in the world for women beating up their husbands though the figure climbs down to 28 percent. which is still high and documented. The UN says after Egypt the top most goes to the USA and followed by India.

However other US figures show its 17 percent for the United States, Britain stands at 30 percent and Egypt only at 23 percent. So take your pick. So in this world there is violence by women too against their loved ones. 

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