Viral: Rabbi Holds His Marriage Ceremony in Dubai

Published September 18th, 2022 - 08:23 GMT
The Jewish party in Dubai
An image of the Jewish party in Dubai (twitter)

ALBAWABA - Emirates dance during the marriage ceremony of Rabbi Levi Duchman in Dubai. He is the first to be appointed as Rabbi in the UAE and he is from New York. 

News of the wedding is trending, being covered by different news sources. The wedding was held in time of the celebration of the signing of the Abraham Accords between the UAE and the Israel two years ago in September 2020.

It was a big party held last Wednesday evening and many pictures and videos are posted on the net. It was also reported more that than 1500 attended the wedding ceremony.  The Jerusalem Post wrote: Lea Hadad, 27, is of Jewish Moroccan descent and is the daughter of Belgian Chief Rabbi Menachem Hadad.

Comments on the net are from different sources but they are trending in both English and Arabic but bloggers may have got the nationality of the bride wrong. She is not an Emirati but of Moroccan origin according to the Jerusalem Post. 


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