What Happened to Wael Ghonim, Egypt's Revolution Icon?

Published September 12th, 2019 - 10:29 GMT

One of the most prominent icons of Egypt's 2011 Revolution, Wael Ghonim, has been sparking a debate on social media after he appeared on a series of videos and made controversial remarks.

In the videos posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday, frail-looking Ghonim appeared moments after he updated a profile picture of himself with a shaved head and eyebrows, prompting his friends to question his physical and mental health. He assured his friends that he is in good health as he wished everyone well; including Egyptians and President Abdel Fattah Sisi.

Later in the video, Ghonim accused the Egyptian contractor, Mohammed Ali, of speaking out against the military's corruption for money.

Later, he asked Sisi to reach out to the wife of Mohammed Morsi, Egypt's former president who died in the prison, to ask for her forgiveness, for killing her husband. "Sisi, if you have any shame, go to this lady and kiss her hands, and prove to us that you have shame and that your mother raised you well.

Google's former executive, 38-year-old Ghonim, rose to prominence in 2011 as one of the administrators of "We are all Khaled Said" Facebook page. It was named after a young Egyptian man who was tortured to death by security forces and his death is believed to be the reason that sparked the revolution.

He left Egypt to the US with his family in 2014 due to the political and economic situation in post-revolution Egypt.

Ghonim's latest appearance has attracted the attention of internet users whose opinions were split and had different theories about Ghonim's appearance.

Between questioning his mental health due to the pressure he has been enduring since he left Egypt amid fears for his life, to those who claimed the changes that Ghonim is living is very similar to what every Egyptian young person has gone through during the latest years. Others said he might be suffering from PTSD following the massive changes that Egypt has seen since 2011.

One user said, "Wael Ghonim has officially announced the death of January 25's revolution".

Later on, Ghonim went on a live video again to respond to his friends and followers' questions. Wael Ghonim confirmed his attempts to try a new approach in life in which he is trying to "appreciate" everything and there is nothing that should worry people.


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