When Is Nigeria Going to Legalise Abortions?

Published February 11th, 2021 - 09:49 GMT
When Is Nigeria Going to Legalise Abortions?
Nigerian laws that still ban abortions were created during the British colonisation. (ShutterstocK: Pilotsevas)

A feature report published by Al Jazeera English has shed light recently on the different issues facing Nigerian women when it comes to terminating pregnancies; most notable the life-threatening consequences resulting from abortions being illegal in the country.

The long read written by Nigerian journalist Ope Adetayo has triggered quite a strong social media interaction, showing a deep interest in the topic amongst social media commentators in Nigeria.

While she explored stories of a number of women, who have gone through unsafe abortions in the country over the years,  administered by unlicensed practitioners who can not, otherwise, carry out abortions in light of the legal ban on it, the article has reignited the social conversation over Nigeria's need to reconsider such laws.

Some social media users have especially highlighted the price Nigerian women are paying as a result of abortions not being legalized in the country, including about 6000 deaths reported annually amongst mothers.

Calls to legalize abortions in Nigeria have mentioned that laws that criminalized pregnancy terminations were put during the colonial era by the British rule, calling on today's legislators to consider more modern laws that serve today's needs.

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