Yemeni Women Reignite A History of #Metoo Style Online Campaigns Against Sexual Harassers

Published April 12th, 2020 - 08:41 GMT
Yemeni Women Launch Their Own 'Mee Too' Online Campaign Against  Sexual Harassers
Other Yemeni women launched a hashtag to gather Heba's supporters and to show solidarity. (Twitter)

A Yemeni woman's tweet to expose a young man who sexually harassed her friend online by posting screenshots of his inappropriate messages ignited a strong reaction on social media, especially after receiving several threats of rape by the young man and his supporters.

Translation: "Even if they try to silence the rightful voices, there are a thousand other ones that will support and defend the victims. Hiba is courageous and has stood by what is right despite all attempts to smear and scare her."

After Twitter user Heba Alalimi reported receiving threats of rape for helping her friend post screenshots of explicit messages from an online harasser, mixed reactions flooded social media platforms in Yemen, with some "condemning her attempt to damage the young man's reputation", while many praised her for her courage and expressed their support to her.

Translation: "I'm really proud of this feminist Yemeni presence and great activism on Twitter. Their voice shall be louder than the horrible sexist Yemeni thinking. Your support for Heba is a great example of solidarity against the worst thing humanity has brought."

Translation: Thanks to every female and male who helped and supported me; making me stronger. You're my second family."
Other Yemeni women launched a hashtag to gather Heba's supporters and to show solidarity for women who speak up against online bullies, utilizing the famous #MeToo slogan and joining the METooMENA campaign launched earlier by The Yemeni Feminist Movement and another online platform called Dr.Feminist who calling on users to tweet in support of Heba.

Translation: "Join us and support Heba. Share the post for Heba and to expose the harraser."

Twitter users urged more women to expose men who send indecent online messages in an effort to stop this act.

Translation: "Every harasser will be exposed online, as long as there are no laws to punish this and serve justice, and as long as we are in a society that tends to pardon the prepetrators."

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