Clubs and federations in Qatar advised to expand their horizon for sponsorship

Clubs and federations in Qatar advised to expand their horizon for sponsorship
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Published March 17th, 2016 - 15:46 GMT via

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Keith Scully (source: Qatar Tribune)
Keith Scully (source: Qatar Tribune)

With the relationship between sports and business increasingly getting stronger globally, clubs and sport federations in Qatar have been advised to tap into the various opportunities this symbiotic association offers in order to shore up their revenue base.

Speaking to Qatar Tribune on the sidelines of the recently concluded 'Marketing and PR for Sport and Major Events' professional development workshop organised by the Josoor Institute in Doha, Keith Scully, one of the facilitators, said that the various clubs and sport bodies in the country should think more outside of the box in order to fund their activities.

"Sponsorship has always been an issue when it comes to sports all over the world. What most of the clubs and federations are now doing, aside from getting monetary supports, is to leverage on 'value-in-kind' (VIK) sponsorship," said Scully, a US senior executive with more than 20 years of experience in international marketing, branding, product development, retail, logistics, strategic business development, events and sponsorship/licensing.

According to him, the various clubs in the country should also think of the kind of businesses that could be associated with them and develop models along the direction that could help them get additional funding.

"You can get more mileage through VIK sometimes than what you can actually get with monetary sponsorship. All businesses are interested in what they get in return for sponsoring the event since they are profit-oriented. So, associations should start looking at models that are sort of a win-win for all the concerned parties," he said.

"For example an agreement can be reached with an apparel company stating that for each club branded apparel sold, the club gets some percentages. These could also be extended to hotels and other businesses that are essential to the smooth running of the club or association," said Scully, who is also an instructor for Georgetown University's Masters of Professional Studies Sports Industry Management Program teaching courses in Sports Marketing, Economics, Sponsorship/Licensing and Ethics.

Speaking about sports generally in Qatar, Scully said that the dedication of the government to get people involve in sports is exceptional.

"I have been to different parts of the world but Qatar stands out as a unique country that is very passionate about sports. The country has a global reputation for hosting beautiful and successful events and I must congratulate the Qatar on that."

"I believe that Qatar is getting it right with the SOP, the National Sports Day and other initiatives aimed at getting the citizens to take to sport," he said.

He, however, advised that the local participation in the various sports should further be encouraged in order to leverage on the legacies hosting these events bring.

"The challenge Qatar is facing is liken to that of the 'chicken and egg' oxymoron i.e. which comes first the events or the people? I think Qatar has done tremendously well with hosting of various sporting events over the years and I believe now is the time for the country to start reaping its reward with more of the citizens getting more actively involved on a bigger scale sport-wise. I know it takes time but I believe the country is on the right track," Scully said.

Commenting about Josoor Institute, Scully said,"I can boldly say that Josoor is one of the best programmes I have been involved with. I have been involved with many programmes globally but I can honestly say that the institute is attracting the right people and developing the right programme. They have developed relationship on a global scale and I am happy to be a part of what they are doing. I've met people from different parts of the world through the programme and I believe they've done a tremendous job."
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