Ecclestone: Two more teams in line to join Formula One in 2015

Ecclestone: Two more teams in line to join Formula One in 2015
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Published April 7th, 2014 - 14:50 GMT via

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Two more teams for 2015
Two more teams for 2015

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has strongly suggested that two new teams are in line to join the Formula One circuit in 2015, it was reported Sunday. The 83-year-old revealed that an American team organised by Gene Haas, a partner in the flourishing Stewart-Haas Nascar Racing team is well positioned to race in F1 but a deal is not yet concluded.

“They will be accepted, and we’ve also accepted another team as well, although whether they’ll make it or not is another story,” Ecclestone said in quotes published on in reference to the Haas proposal as well as another team based in Serbia and Germany.

StefanGP, which is run by former F1 handler Colin Kolles, is the second outfit on the verge of joining motorsport’s worldwide bonanza with the pit lane set to expand to 13 teams. “We are happy to have another couple of teams. I have spoken to Jean Todt and we agreed yesterday (Saturday) that if another two teams want to come in we will let them in.”

World governing body the FIA was due to make a decision by the end of February but is yet to make any official announcement. It is understood the organisation is still conducting due diligence procedures before formally confirming either team will be running in 2015. Negotiations continue as the Bahrain GP hogs the F1 headlines and a race set for later on Sunday when Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton start for Mercedes from the front row.

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