Hamilton hopes to edge teammate Rosberg in fight for F1 title

Published April 17th, 2014 - 12:09 GMT
Hamilton hopeful of dominating teammate Rosberg in fight for F1 title
Hamilton hopeful of dominating teammate Rosberg in fight for F1 title

Mercedes racer Lewis Hamilton is hoping that his recent victory in the Bahrain Grand Prix has given him an edge over his teammate Nico Rosberg, as both the racers fight for this year's Formula One title.

Ahead of this weekend's Chinese Grand Prix, the Mercedes racer said that one is always trying to get that edge, adding that he did it during all three practice sessions, but then all of a sudden it disappeared in qualifying, and then Rosberg was on a high.

According to the Guardian, Hamilton said that the Formula One title race is 'swings and roundabouts', adding that it is about who is strongest.

Hamilton said that he is trying to be as strong as he has ever been in his life, adding that it is not just about arriving and working hard, but about all the steps from now until the next race and all the decisions a racer makes, which add app to where one is mentally.

Hamilton said that Rosberg has already revealed that he is going for a podium finish at the next race, and as the Mercedes racer is 11 points behind his teammate despite winning two races, he has to stick at winning because Rosberg has had a win and two seconds, a track record that is so far better than Hamilton's.

After three grand prixs into the new Formula One season, Mercedes clearly has the edge with both Rosberg leading the charts with 11 points after a podium finish in the season-opening race in Australia and Hamilton emerging triumphant in the following two races in Malaysia and Bahrain where Rosberg finished second, the report added. (ANI)

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