Transgender Woman Attacked While Jailed With Three Men

Published November 15th, 2021 - 08:50 GMT
transgender woman who was arrested last year was put in a holding cell with three men
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transgender woman Kristina Frost filed suit against San Diego County and sheriff's department

A transgender woman who was arrested in San Diego last year was put in a holding cell with three men against her wishes and then beaten up so badly that she suffered a broken jaw, according to a lawsuit.

Kristina Frost alleges in federal court papers that she was a ‘book-and-release’ detainee at San Diego Central Jail in November of last year.

Initially, she was placed in a holding cell alone.

‘She was then moved, without any reasonable justification, and against her wishes, to a minimally monitored cell with three men,’ according to the lawsuit filed last week in US District Court in the Southern District of California.

Frost protested, telling the jailers that her driver’s license and other identifying papers indicated she was a woman.

At the time she was booked, Frost was wearing ‘feminine’ clothing, including high-cut shorts and a bra, according to court papers.

‘Sadly - and foreseeably - one of the men in the cell viciously attacked Ms. Frost,’ according to the lawsuit.

‘His closed-fist punches to Ms. Frost’s face resulted in serious bodily injuries, including a broken jaw, so far requiring two surgeries to repair.’

Frost alleges in the lawsuit that San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputy Mason Cassidy showed ‘deliberate indifference’ and allowed the pummeling to take place without intervening.

There were no contact details available for Cassidy.

According to the lawsuit, she was forced to wait 12 hours before she was taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment.


Doctors diagnosed Frost with two jaw fractures. She has had to undergo two separate surgeries to insert and then remove hardware from her jaw.

As part of her recovery, she had to have ‘her mouth being wired shut’ for a long period of time, according to the lawsuit.

A 'book-and-release' usually entails reporting to a particular jail on a scheduled date and time - normally a weekend - where the person in question is fingerprinted, photographed, processed, and then released.

The process takes between 10 minutes and a few hours depending on how busy the jail is.

It is unclear why Frost was taken into custody.

In February, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department published a training bulleting which called for arrestees to be taken to facilities that correspond with their gender identity.

Last year, NBC News conducted an investigation which found that transgender detainees are rarely placed in cells that correspond to their gender identity. 

Last month, San Diego County agreed to pay millions of dollars to the family of 43-year-old Heron Moriarty, a mentally ill man who committed suicide in his jail cell.

The family received nearly $3million after filing suit against the county.

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