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February 12, 2013

The media should not be subject to any form of censorship to allow it to act out its role properly
12:40 GMT
After last years controversial press law, which some critics say amounts to censorship especially of online media, several MPs in Jordan are calling for the law to be amended.
Egypt's government is trying to integrate to so-called 'grey economy' into the formal sector
12:32 GMT
With the Egyptian economy deteriorating and job opportunities in short supply, many Egyptians are trying to cover their expenses through the massive grey economy, which operates outside the tax system and most government regulation.
Egypt's decision to block access to video sharing site YouTube has angered activists
12:15 GMT
The decision by an Egyptian court to ban YouTube in the country for one month due to its continued hosting of an anti-Islamic film has attracted harsh criticism from human rights organisations, online activists, and disgruntled users of the video-sharing website.
Qatar public debt second largest in GCC
11:54 GMT
Despite enormous oil wealth, Qatar's public debt as ratio to GDP, is the second largest in the GCC region, new figures show.
Traders fear Syria oil exports violate sanctions
09:10 GMT
Close to 1,000 tons of fuel are flowing each day from Lebanon to Syria as local traders worry about Lebanon becoming entangled by international sanctions against its warn-torn neighbour.

February 11, 2013

Beirut is no longer the "Paris of the Middle East" according to a new report, citing economic and security instability
15:59 GMT
In a recent ranking on the quality of living, Lebanon’s capital Beirut, formerly known as the “Paris of the Middle East,” ranked 171st worldwide and 16th in the MENA region.
The UAE is considering a move to allow foreigners the right to own businesses
15:32 GMT
The UAE is set to allow foreigners to fully own companies in the country, if a draft law passes through parliament.
Iran oil tankers are using the Suez Canal to reach Syria, according to reports
14:18 GMT
Iranian tankers are traversing the Suez Canal in Egypt to reach Syria, with reported cargos of fuel and weapons, as sanctions stop Damascus exporting to traditional markets.
41 countries receive UAE exports of plastics worth over $ 10 million each, with India coming in first place in this regard, receiving $ 195 million worth of the product from the UAE
12:15 GMT
Saudi Arabia is the UAE's largest supplier of plastics, accounting for 20 per cent of overal imports, well ahead of second place China.
Advertising in Lebanon outgrew GDP last year registering an overal growth of 4.5 per cent
10:06 GMT
Advertising spending in Lebanon outpaced GDP, with online advertising making a huge improvement on the previous year, growing 29 per cent.

February 10, 2013

Top import sectors included transportation equipment ($ 7.69 billion), non-electrical machinery ($ 3.29bn) and chemicals
13:18 GMT
US exports to the Arab world are booming, having increased by 17 per cent in 2012, to $66 billion, according to latest figures.
Saudi exports to Japan was $ 48 billion (over SR 180 billion), while its imports from Japan remained at $ 8 billion
12:55 GMT
Saudi Arabia has been praised by Japan for its role in stabilizing oil markets.
The strike will not stop until the new salary scale is passed, preparations still proceeding despite pressure
12:19 GMT
Trade unions in Lebanon are preparing for an open-ended strike that will see public sector workers taking action over pay increases as the private sector reiterates its opposition to the move.
Transit numbers at Beirut airport have dropped dramatically
09:18 GMT
Despite persistent growth in the total number of air passengers, transit activity at the Beirut airport has seen a significant decline, statistics released Friday by Rafik Hariri International showed.
The IMF has pledged support for Syrian refugees in Lebanon
08:30 GMT
The International Monetary Fund offered to provide assistance to Syrian refugees in Lebanon during Finance Minister Mohammad Safadi’s visit to Washington last week.