5 Essential Skills You Need to Acquire by 2021

Published October 11th, 2020 - 01:30 GMT
 5 Essential Skills You Need to Acquire by 2021
Technology is one of the main factors that change skills required in the workplace. (Shutterstock: Know How)

You may have a secured job you like by now. You do your job perfectly and think you're irreplaceable. Great! But in a rapidly changing world with technology developing the market's needs and tools, the job requirements will continue to change, forcing you to keep up.

While many people think that getting ready for the job market includes earning academic degrees and digital skills before taking a job, the reality is remaining employable is an ongoing process of constant learning, in which individuals stay up-to-date with the continuously changing job market's demands.

Especially now as the world suffers from a severe employment crisis, one that has worsened by the global economic blow; it's more important than ever for people, who want to remain in the game to acquire new knowledge and develop new skills related to their fields.

1. Ability to learn fast

Having spent several decades of your life in school, preparing yourself for the real world doesn't necessarily mean that you can stop learning once you've been employed. People who are unable to catch up quickly to the technological developments and the new realities that emerge every now and then will eventually be cast outside of the job market.

It's never too late for people to start developing this skill, which needs a flexible attitude and open mind to new ideas.

2. Adaptability

During 2020, the world was struck by unexpected emergencies that forced many businesses to change the way through which tasks are carried out, such as switching to remote work or utilizing digital platforms, which had added more pressure on employees who find difficulty adjusting to changes.

This is where the significance of coping with new realities emerges since it helps people maintain their productivity and performance even in the most irregular times.

3. Persuasion 

In today's world of numerous options, a successful employee needs to be quite persuasive, so they advocate for their ideas, suggestions, and the tools they are in favor of, so they win projects and gain the confidence of their supervisors. 

4. Communication and presentation skills

A good employer has always been a good speaker ,who can clearly and respectfully articulate their ideas, whether they are talking with supervisors, team members, or clients. 

Additionally, today's successful employees need to know how to lead informative presentations through which they can explore new ideas, discuss work progress, or address issues that need to be solved.

5. Team playing

Being a team player isn't limited to being a good communicator who is friendly to everyone. Team players understand the value of input provided by all team members, enjoy brainstorming sessions, and thrive on helping others as they realize it's only going to help the team deliver the best results.

Which of these skills do you master, and which skill do you think you should to work on? Do you think there are underrated skills that employees should focus on more during such exceptional times?

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