6 Facts You Need to Check If You Rely on Bayt.Com for Job Search

Published March 4th, 2019 - 11:08 GMT
6 Facts You Need to Check If You Rely on Bayt.Com for Job Search. (Shutterstock)
6 Facts You Need to Check If You Rely on Bayt.Com for Job Search. (Shutterstock)

So you have been a registered job seeker with Bayt.com for a while now, but where is that call? You’ve been waiting for the call that will change your destiny, the call that will offer you the career opportunity of your life.

Instead of sitting around and wondering why you have not yet been contacted, you might start digging deep into your daily practices on Bayt.com.

Does any of the below statements ring true in any way? If so, it’s probably time for you to take action!

Statement 1:

I have built my Bayt.com online CV but I am not quite sure it is the best version I could come up with!


Your CV is the first and, more often than not, the most significant impression you leave with an employer, therefore your Bayt.com online CV should be of high quality. Take the time to complete each section impeccably and don’t hesitate to refer to the Bayt.com Career Centre or the online CV tips button when you are building your CV. A high quality CV is expected to be enriched with just the right keywords to grab the attention of prospective employers and decision makers especially since automated searches are usually conducted by keywords and the absence of desired keywords can preclude your CV from an employer search.

Statement 2:

I have completed my CV online and have followed your instructions but Bayt.com has not contacted me yet!


This is not how things work! Bayt.com is here to facilitate the process of direct interaction between you and prospective employers but does not, in anyway, interfere in the screening or selection process. Thus, if your CV matches the set of skills an employer is looking for, he/ she will directly contact you (and not Bayt.com) using the contact info you have listed on our website. Make sure to keep your contact details updated at all times!

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Statement 3:

I have completed my CV online and have followed your instructions but no employer has contacted me yet!


Are you active enough? New positions are posted on Bayt.com website around the clock (over 6,000 fresh job opportunities on a daily basis), so make sure to consult our system regularly and apply to all relevant job openings. Keep in mind you have the option to choose our “automated search engine tool” service free of charge. This search agent will navigate our database for you 24/7 and send you alerts whenever a job vacancy that meets your qualifications arises.

Statement 4:

I have completed my CV online but have not really applied to any positions. I still think employers should be able to contact me!


Yes, employers would be able to contact you, if you have made te process of refreshing your CV a ritual. Are you refreshing your CV as often as you should? Probably not. Prospective employers always come across CVs with the most recent updates first whenever they are searching for candidates. Updating or refreshing your CV at least once a month is a must in order to improve its visibility to employers who typically have reams of CVs to search through. Refreshing your CV takes only a few seconds of your time and is extremely simple:

  1. Go to your workspace
  2. Click the “refresh last update” button

Statement 5:

I like the video feature you are offering and I have posted one for employers to see!


Are you posting irrelevant videos on your Bayt.com workspace? You shouldn’t! The aim of your video CV is to give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and prove to prospective employers that you are just the perfect candidate for their company. Don’t waste your chances by posting irrelevant videos (yes, music clips& humorous clips do count as irrelevant). Instead, bring this feature to your advantage:

  1. Dress as if you were going to a physical job interview
  2. Present a small brief about yourself, your educational background and work experience and accomplishments.
  3. Make sure the length of the video is reasonable (Don’t go beyond 5 minutes)

Statement 6:

I am looking for more ways to stand out from the crowd and get employers to notice my CV, but I am out of ideas!


With Bayt.com, you will never run out of ideas and new features. Check out our new “recommendations” feature. Are you making use of it yet? Go that extra mile and request a recommendation from your current or former managers, colleagues, professors, etc… Such recommendations will, without a doubt, differentiate you from the pool of other applicants and sell you to prospective employers!

Last but not least, be consistent and determined with your job search! “You have to know the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else”, says Albert Einstein (German born American Physicist and Nobel Prize winner who developed the special and general theories of relativity). Take the time to familiarize yourself with Bayt.com’s user friendly system, take the time to master its techniques and then, find the job you always wanted!

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