8 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Published January 28th, 2022 - 06:00 GMT
8 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs
Wanting to be an entrepreneur and actually being a successful one are two very different things. (shutterstock)

If you think entrepreneurs are living the "laid-back" life where they earn money by doing almost nothing, then you got it all wrong. Successful entrepreneurs have specific habits they religiously follow that contribute to their success and growth.

It's true that more people are learning about the benefits and challenges that come with being an entrepreneur. However, wanting to be an entrepreneur and actually being a successful one are two very different things. 

So if you are thinking of becoming your own boss, here are 8 habits of successful entrepreneurs that you might want to build:

1. They know sleep is for the strong

In a world where hustling and multitasking is the new face for hard working, many people seem to miss out on sleeping well. However, some of  the leading entrepreneurs worldwide know the importance of getting enough sleep. For Jeff Bezos, getting eight hours of sleep is a priority and he says it's the right amount of time to fuel him! 

2. They are early risers

There are so many benefits to starting your day early. Whether it is to have a head start and be more productive, or have more time to plan your day, some of the most successful entrepreneurs worldwide tend to be early birds! Jeff Bezos, for example, tends to have his most challenging meetings before lunch because he believes that it is then that he is most focused and productive. 

3. They know the power of meditation

Meditation is one of the most relaxing and stress-free ways to start your day. Most people have a lot on their mind, let alone when someone is a leading entrepreneur, and therefore meditation helps people calm their mind and feel less overwhelmed. One great example is Oprah, who has made meditation a part of her daily morning routine. Tony Robbins also likes to start his day with some breathing exercises and meditation. One of Forbes’ Most Powerful Women, Mary Nazzal-Batayneh, also believes that meditating is an integral part of her day. In fact, for her, meditation is a way of living to be more present.

4. They set their intentions every morning 

Tapping into your higher self and knowing what your intentions for the day are is a crucial part of setting your energy and expectations for the day. Leading entrepreneur, Mary Nazzal-Batayneh, makes sure to start her morning by setting her intentions. She says that this way if she comes across a trigger, it feels like her higher self is in charge and knows how to react in a better way. 

5. They take care of their physical health

Working out and exercising in the morning can be a great mood and adrenaline booster as it helps get your body and blood moving! Another thing that mogul Tony Robbins does after meditating is exercising for 15 minutes each morning. Mary-Nazzal Batayneh is one of the most successful entrepreneurs worldwide and she always makes sure to do a yoga flow or hit the gym every day! 

6. They know the importance networking

A huge part of making it in the world of entrepreneurship is knowing how to network and build connections. Leading Syrian entrepreneur, Ronaldo Mouchawar calls entrepreneurship a two way street, and believes in the importance of building connections. 

Source: Twitter

7. They know how to manage their time

Time management is one of key skills in succeeding in the business world. Knowing how to manage your time and prioritize tasks is a crucial thing for everyone, let alone entrepreneurs. With the amount of stress, workload and multitasking that comes with being an entrepreneur, time management is a necessity for them to succeed. Successful Emirati entrepreneur, Anas Bukhash, says that a huge part of overcoming challenges and succeeding goes back to good time management skills and having a good team. 

8. They aren’t afraid of making mistakes

Everyone fears making mistakes and failing, but what differentiates successful entrepreneurs from everyone else is that they do not run away from it but instead they embrace it. They know that there is no such thing as succeeding and moving forward without making mistakes first. So every time they fail, they dust themselves up, take the lesson they learned and keep going. Young, bright and successful founder of MODE Marketing and PR, Zayna Al Hamarneh, is a successful entrepreneur who strongly believes that it is pivotal to learn from every mistake we make! 

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