'After Eid': We've Got the Answer to All of Your Questions This Week

Published May 10th, 2021 - 06:40 GMT
Eid Break
Eid break will end on Sunday the 16th of May in most countries. (Shutterstock: mavo)

Are you thinking of a new project you want to discuss with your manager? Do you have a few concerns to talk about with your coworkers? Have you been trying to get the approval of a supervisor who is out of reach? Well, maybe this isn't a great time to keep pushing for things to happen.

If you are wondering why these few weeks are not the best time to get unusual things done at work, we'll answer you with the phrase you will hear quite frequently from now on: "let's discuss it after Eid".

This answer does not only apply to pending work tasks people try to postpone for as long as possible. This is also a common practice in the region when it comes to social settings which people wish to avoid before the holiday starts. So, if you are planning anything for the time being, don't be surprised when you hear those magic words: "let's discuss it after Eid".

(Print reads: After Eid)

As the Muslim month of Ramadan approaches the end, people in Muslim-majority countries are getting ready for Eid break in less than a week. During those times, people are reporting low energy levels especially ones who have managed to fast for a whole month. Also, this Eid break is the first long break people in our part of the world will enjoy in 2021, which means that millions of workers are just drained, exhausted, and can't wait to start their holidays.

While it makes sense for people to be excited for their breaks even if they are not having huge plans, it is also reasonable that people do not use this "feature" all the time. It is important for the workflow to keep going before the break just as much as it does at any other time during the year.

Moreover, individuals in leadership positions need to be extra careful when they postpone all discussions for after Eid, because they might be causing more harm to work than they think. Concern raised by employees might be quite critical and time-sensitive that "discussing it after Eid" is going to be a regrettable action.

Let us enjoy Eid breaks with extra peace of mind knowing that everything is in place ahead of the holiday.

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