Is it the end of the road for the iPod?

Published June 15th, 2015 - 10:14 GMT

The iPod has been retired from Apple’s homepage, in a move that could mean the much-loved music device is set to be retired.

The device has sat at the top of the company’s site for over 13 years, and going through various iterations like the iPods Classic, Shuffle and Touch. But it has been taken down from that top banner, and hidden in a special “music” part of the site, after the company's big Worldwide Developers Conference event.

All of the well-known models apart from the Classic are still available, but Apple makes it difficult to find them from its home page. The Classic was retired late last year amid upset from fans, with Apple blaming difficulty finding the parts after years of declining sales. The rush to get hold of one led to people buying them online at vastly-inflated prices.

The iPod was once Apple’s flagship product — and has been credited with the resurgence of the company — but the only way to find it from the homepage is to go to the Music tab and scroll down. The main function of the Music tab is to show off the newly-released Apple Music, and users have to almost to the very bottom of the page to find it.

From there, users can click onto the devoted iPod site, which advertises the still-available iPods Touch, Nano and Shuffle. The Apple TV — set to be updated at the recent WWDC event, but pulled after it was found not to be ready — can be found on the same page.

By Andrew Griffin

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