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February 17, 2013

G20 officials will disregard key parts of a currency statement issued this week by the Group of Seven power
10:46 GMT
The G20 grouping of nations, which includes Saudi Arabia, will not push for stricter controls on foreign exchange mechanisms or single out Japan as fears grow over so-called 'currency wars'.
More and more Jordanians now believe that Jordanian medicines are as good as foreign ones
10:32 GMT
Jordan's pharmaceutical exports are looking healthy, recording a 20 per cent increase in 2012.
Lebanon’s 2013 budget
10:11 GMT
Lebanon's 2013 budget plans are "missing in action" according to leading policy expert Dr. Mazen Soueid
Over 16,600 new firms opened in Dubai during 2012
09:21 GMT
Major economic sectors and economic activity in the Emirates remained stable and growing, as Dubai shows of its plumage to woo yet more investment.
Users want faster processors and are willing to pay for it
08:50 GMT
The must have accessory from teens to businessmen, the now almost ubiquitous smarth phone, shows now sign of being out of of favour with the regions tech-heads.

February 14, 2013

Mubarak regime figures will be retried in cases related to corruption charges
12:02 GMT
Egypt's Court of Appeal accepted the appeal of former prime minister Ahmed Nazif and notorious former interior minister Habib El-Adly on Wednesday and will allow a retrial.
35 per cent of workers are sleeping less than they wish in order to fit in all their commitments
11:12 GMT
Nearly 20 per cent of Jordan's workforce said they have to sacrifice sleep to accommodate both personal and work commitments, either by waking up early or burning the midnight oil, a new report shows.
Most analysts now see demand growth of 0.9 to 1.0 mbpd in 2013
10:55 GMT
Kuwait's budget surplus could be in the rabge of KD11.9 billion to KD14.4 billion ($42 billion to $50.9 billion) for the current fiscal year backed by high oil revenue.
Lebanon World Bank provides $30 mln for startup firms
09:19 GMT
In the first step toward creating an estimated $72 million equity fund that would be the largest source of venture capital for Lebanese startups, the World Bank signed a $30 million loan agreement with the Finance Ministry Wednesday.
Demonstrators in Arida blocked the international highway around 8 a.m., bringing traffic to a standstill on the road leading to the border crossing
08:05 GMT
Protesters blocked roads Wednesday in the northern Lebanon border towns, preventing tanker trucks from transporting diesel into Syria, as protesters claim the fuel is being used by the regime to halt the uprising.
Oil and gas transactions totalled a staggering $402 billion in 2012
07:57 GMT
With an average of over four transactions announced globally every day in 2012, the oil and gas sector has remained one of the most active sectors for mergers and acquisitions.

February 13, 2013

More than 267,000 guest workers of different nationalities work in the Kingdom illegally, 65 per cent of whom are Egyptians
12:23 GMT
Experts in Jordan discussed the problems that undocumented workers in Jordan face yesterday, including the inability to ensuring fair pay and working conditions.
The construction industry across the Gulf is looking positive and things are picking up quite nicely in Bahrain
11:07 GMT
The construction industry in the GGC region could face skills shortage in the near future, according to an industry expert.
The shortages come at a time when the government is keen to reduce fuel subsidies
11:05 GMT
The state appears caught between acute diesel shortages and planned reductions of energy subsidies, upon which a proposed $4.8 bn IMF loan is conditional.
Ministry denies exporting fuel to Syria from refineries
08:39 GMT
Lebanon’s Energy and Water Ministry denied claims yesterday that kerosene or red diesel was being exported to Syria from refineries in Tripoli and Zahrani.