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February 10, 2013

Transit numbers at Beirut airport have dropped dramatically
09:18 GMT
Despite persistent growth in the total number of air passengers, transit activity at the Beirut airport has seen a significant decline, statistics released Friday by Rafik Hariri International showed.
The IMF has pledged support for Syrian refugees in Lebanon
08:30 GMT
The International Monetary Fund offered to provide assistance to Syrian refugees in Lebanon during Finance Minister Mohammad Safadi’s visit to Washington last week.

February 7, 2013

Islamic finance in Belgium – sizing the retail market was independently commissioned by the Association for the Development of Islamic Finance (ADEFI) in conjunction with IFAAS (Islamic Finance Advisory & Assurance Services
11:50 GMT
Over 70% of respondents in a study said they were likely to take-up the products.
Both Demco and Tannous claim to have the largest market share in Lebanon
11:22 GMT
Metals suppliers worry over fate of sector as the Syrian conflict takes its toll.

February 6, 2013

Under the slogan “We are all partners,” the campaign involves more than 120 public institutions and is implemented in cooperation with the private sector.
12:56 GMT
2,000 job applications submitted on opening day of recruitment drive.
Sanctions have failed to force Tehran to abandon its nuclear program.
12:38 GMT
Iran’s spiral into hyperinflation has subsided.
The foreign non-oil trade maintained its positive growth during the January to August period 2012 registering a Dh70 billion growth
10:07 GMT
Non-oil trade in the hydrocarbon heavy UAE is surging, with new figures showing an increase by 12 per cent in the first eight months on 2012.
About 300 Saudis are imprisoned in the Kingdom who are unable to settle their bank debts
09:40 GMT
Despite being one of the richest country's on earth, 60,000 Saudis are still afflicted by debt, with around 3,000 thought to be in prison for non-payment of dues.
In Lebanon the inequality of the education system remains a major issue for labor supply
09:25 GMT
The International Labour Organization said that Lebanon's economic model needs to change course to improve the lives of people in the Cedar nation.

February 5, 2013

Central Bank package to revitalize real estate
11:18 GMT
Lebanon's Central Bank is aiming to boost the country's embattled real estate market as it works to improve credit facilities to potential homeowners in the Cedar nation.
The top Kuwaiti lender said the third quarter surplus, estimated at 13 per cent of annual 2012 GDP, was helped by a combination of still-strong oil exports and weak imports
10:59 GMT
Kuwait's trade surplus increased to $23.4 billion in the third quarter of 2012, but remained lower than the record high recorded in the first quarter of the fiscal year.
While the violence has since abated, businesses in the area remain closed for the most part
10:58 GMT
Days of street battles between protesters and security forces are starting to take their toll of the local businesses near the Egyptian Presidential Palace in Cairo.
Libya Encouraging Gulf Investments
08:59 GMT
Libya is looking eastwards to gain more Gulfi investment in the post-Gaddafi country, according to the country's oil minister , Abdelbari al-Aarusi.
This gathering of leaders and thinkers of the East and the West will help to reduce the knowledge gap between civilisations
07:42 GMT
Experts at the MENA economic conference in the UAE said yesterday that the region and the European Union needs greater cooperation for a sustainable future.
With $4.3 trillion investment needed to develop infrastructure, countries in the MENA region could look at the successes in developing infrastructure in the GCC
07:29 GMT
The MENA region needs to spend $.43 trillion on infrastructure, experts said at an economic conference in the UAE yesterday.