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November 14, 2012

Could industrial action hit shoppers in Lebanon?
14:00 GMT
Monday night, the Friends of the Spinneys Workers’ Committee gathered for a sit-in across from the supermarket chain’s Achrafieh branch in Lebanon, but what do the workers want and what else lies behind the dispute?
The fallout continues over the cancellation of an Iraqi-Russian arms deal
12:48 GMT
Iraq is annulling a $4.2 billion arms deal with Russia it reached earlier this year over concerns about possible corruption, an Iraqi government spokesman said, but Baghdad denies US involvement in the decision.
Saudi Arabia's tariffs could hurt the GCC's custom union
12:36 GMT
Hundreds of tariffs imposed by Saudi Arabia on imports risk holding back the full operation of the GCC customs union in 2015, say UAE officials
Egypt has curtailed nighttime opening hours for retail units in an effort to save electricity, but it could have other positive outcomes
10:11 GMT
Smoking shisha is a national past-time in Egypt, but soon it will have to be done at home after 2 AM, after a presidential order to that could be good for workers and Cairo alike.
Public sector workers in Lebanon have long been demanding pay increases
10:02 GMT
Lebanon's chances of approving a draft law to finance a controversial salary scale are dim if not nonexistent, ministers and experts say, after a bitter battle including strikes.

November 13, 2012

Stands selling women’s shirts in the street
11:10 GMT
Cairo's street vendors are every much as part of the city as Koshary and bad traffic, but much of the congestion is being blamed on the sidewalk-sellers. In Morsi's 100 day plan, he promised to remove them, but what lies behind the ubiquitous stalls?
The World Economic Forum’s Summit on the Global Agenda is a high-profile three-day meeting that has attracted more than 1,000 experts
11:08 GMT
The World Economic Forum on the Global Agenda happening in Dubai has called for nations to increase co-operation to ensure that the so-called 'global community' can work together to meet the needs to citizens.
The decree protects privacy of information from any use whatsoever by electronic or IT means to forge or produce duplicates of credit cards or civil cards
11:06 GMT
The UAE's President has issued a decree that seeks to cut down on alleged cyber crime. Whilst some aspects of the law appear laudable, it also makes it illegal to use the internet to damage national unity or social peace. Is the President fearful of the Arab uprisings reach their shores?
The EU Egypt Task Force Business and Tourism Summits is being held in Cairo
09:24 GMT
Promoting joint investments, technology transfer and human resources development are some of the talking points on the agendas of the EU Egypt Task Force Business and Tourism Summits being held in Egypt.
Unemployment will blight the global economy
06:56 GMT
Unemployment and economic crisis have drained the energy from crisis-ridden major countries who are running out of gas, a top official said
The UAE's investment plans in Arab Spring economies are still pending, according to an advisor
03:00 GMT
The UAE’s investment plans in Arab Spring countries are pending and still in the process to be formulated, an advisor at the Gulf state’s ministry of foreign trade has said. As the country waits for the political situation to stabilise in each nation before investing.

November 12, 2012

English language has turned into a basic requirement for a majority of professional job vacancies in Yemen
11:02 GMT
Around the globe, the English language has become a tool of business, with prospective employees requiring fluency to gain employment. But without adequate training, many in Yemen are finding it hard to get jobs.
This season's world cereal supply and demand balance is proving much tighter than in 2011-12
10:45 GMT
Global food price hikes, along with increased oil costs, were one of the sparks for the Arab uprisings, but are we about to see another increase in the cost of food, especially in the Middle East as leaders try to reign in deficits by cutting subsidies?
Shipments of crude by rail in the US have surged from around 11,000 barrels per day in 2007 to an estimated 340,000 in 2012
10:45 GMT
Oil, the commodity that fuels the global economy, transported around the world in not so green ships, could soon be on the rails - the railways that is. Invoking the memory of early oil exploration in the US, transporting the black gold by rail is becoming increasingly popular.
OPEC ministers have said that they think current prices are "acceptable"
07:43 GMT
Opec ministers who gathered at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (Adipec) came out yesterday in support of keeping oil prices above $100 a barrel, as concerns rise of the drop of in oil demand.