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November 12, 2012

Oil exports are set to reach $400 billion from the MENA region
03:00 GMT
The Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region oil exporters’ combined current account surplus is anticipated to remain near its historic high of about $400 billion in 2012, the IMF has forecast.
Sometimes we all need help, even the UAEs super rich
03:00 GMT
The UAE is home to some of the worlds wealthiest people, but what do you do with all that money, how do you spend it and manage carefully - or not so carefully? Many our now turning to "lifestyle managers" to help, but it comes at a cost.

November 11, 2012

Most of the region’s oil-exporting countries are growing at healthy rates while the oil importers face subdued economic prospects
10:53 GMT
The International Monetary Funds latest assessment of the MENA economies shows mixed messages, with oil-exporting states looking to do weel, whilst those without oil are set to face subdued growth.
In the case of the GCC countries, economic structures are sufficiently skewed still to oil & gas
10:53 GMT
Economists are condemned to devise scenarios and produce forecasts upon which strategists and policymakers form judgements for action. Like weathermen, they don’t deny that they are invariably wrong, but can you trust them to keep you out of the economic storm?
Shale gas could cause severe environmental problems
10:50 GMT
Algeria is planning to exploit its natural shale gas reserves in a controversial move. The country is the worlds fourth-largest gas exporter and the move to shale gas is would increase revenues, but is causing deep concern for environmentalists.
A new money supply in the Central Bank of Oman Museum
07:41 GMT
Oman's central bank museum is a veritable treasure trove of currencies, not just the Dinar or rial, but historical coinage that shows the trade-route between nations and is an enlightening way to view the economic history of the region.
What can be done to make Lebanon's cities livable?
06:37 GMT
Few can agree on the best way to preserve Lebanon’s urban heritage, but most would agree the country is in dire need to come up with a plan for more livable and sustainable cities, so what can be done to improve the lives of city-dwellers?
Wedding's are an expensive business, but increasingly so in Iran
03:00 GMT
Inflation is creeping up in Iran, but this is is starting to affect the bridal industry in the Islamic Republic, especially in the run up to of Muharram, a month of mourning for Shiite Muslims, but it is also when many get married.

November 8, 2012

Exhibtor explaining the products of Rak Ceramics, during the Big 5 Show being held in Dubai Trade center.
12:16 GMT
Local companies are anticipating a rise in building materials costs over the next year in the Gulf region. Cement prices have sky-rocked already.
Banks on the Khalid Bin Al Waleed Street also known as Bank Street in Bur Dubai.
10:18 GMT
Balancing growth with risk management and governance is vital for driving investment in today’s increasingly regulated and challenging markets, Stuart Anderson, Managing Director and Regional Head Middle East at (S&P) says.
Strait of Hormuz.
08:15 GMT
Strategic oil reserves will be needed if Iran carries out threat to close the choke point waterway Strait of Hormuz, as land passages can only carry so much.

November 7, 2012

12:54 GMT
Moody’s expects problem loan levels to remain elevated, driven by (i) exposures to large, stressed, government-related issuers (GRIs) and (ii) legacy corporate impairments, primarily real-estate-related, which are still emerging after failed attempts to restructure earlier in the crisis.
10:43 GMT
The month of July and August marked the expected slowdown in Initial Public Offering (IPO) activity in the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) with lower available trading days and activity on the regional exchanges.
Egyptian expatriates said that Jordan has always been their second home
03:00 GMT
Jordanian citizens and Egyptian expatriates have voiced disappointment at Cairo’s decision to halt gas supplies to the Kingdom, which suffers from severe energy difficulties.

November 6, 2012

10:01 GMT
Financing small and medium enterprises (SME) in the UAE is still one of the main challenges facing this burgeoning sector. An SME law anticipated by the close of the year might improve the situation.