Four-phase plan for Lebanon\'s telecom sector

Published December 5th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The Lebanese minister of post & telecommunications, Jean-Louis Cordahi, declared that a four-phase plan would be undertaken to improve the telecommunications sector in Lebanon.  


Cordahi said the first phase consists of preparing a new telecom draft law, and is to be followed by the formation of an independent supervisory body for the sector.  


The third phase will see the creation of Liban Telecom in order to merge the activities of the telecom sector in one entity, while the final phase will open investments into the sector through international tender.  


Cordahi expressed his hope that the sector would gradually move in the medium-term from the public sector to the private sector in order to improve its efficiency and introduce modern technology.  


He affirmed that privatization was the fastest way to elevate the local telecom sector to international standards and to keep it in concert with technological developments. — (Lebanon Invest)

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