Get Prepared! You Can Get Your Dream Job This Summer

Published March 23rd, 2021 - 03:00 GMT
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While millions of jobs were lost in 2020, this year is a chance to slash unemployment numbers. (Shutterstock: pathdoc)

Last year was pretty disastrous for millions of people around the world, who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most industries suffered steep plunges in profit and had to make tough decisions of downsizing and massive layoffs so they ensure minimum workflow. But this year might show us an opposite reality.

During Q2 of 2020, millions of individuals reported being sacked by their employers who either no longer needed their services in a strictly locked-down world, or couldn't afford to pay them and chose to let them go, impacting the lives of millions of households worldwide.

Unemployment figures during the first year of COVID-19 had been described as historic, beating even the modern world's worst economic crises of the 1920s and 2008.

Last March, the International Labour Organization warned the globe of 25 million newly unemployed people due to the pandemic. However, figures that were presented by the World Economic Forum and Statista last December pointed at the loss of 114 million jobs during 2020, which surpasses the ILO expectations by a huge gap, highlighting a deeply troubled global economy.

Exceeding even the worst predictions, the world has emerged from 2020 with a very high sense of hope that the end of the virus would prevail soon, mostly affected by news of several successful vaccines many of which have already been rolled out in different parts of the world.

Even though the world continues to live under the COVID19 danger, with only 102 million people receiving jabs so far out of the 7 billion people living on earth, the world continues to feel more positively towards the future of the economy.

The fact that a majority of young and healthy individuals tend to have relatively better COVID-19 experiences than older ones has been driving an increase in job demand, particularly as the world is facing the latest infection waves without using the full lockdown strategies followed last year, which is partially supporting businesses that are still struggling to overcome 2020's turbulences. 

Last January, Khaleej Times cited the Hays GCC Salary & Employment Report survey which expected 64% of GCC companies will recruit additional individuals during 2021. The study also anticipated that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will be the region's busiest job markets during this year.

Now, hopes that the summer of 2021 will start with the populations of these countries being fully vaccinated, inaugurating a risk-free period of time, one that can generate the highest business activities and consequently refresh recruiting demands.

This is why, individuals who have been unemployed since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, in addition to those who wish to upgrade their career options are advised to start updating their resumes and to get into the habit of checking job opportunities as soon as possible because the job places they have been dreaming of for years might be recruiting now.

Yet, one should expect a higher-than-usual competitive job market, as many great talents have been in the wait for the right chance for months now. Hence, this may be a good time for job seekers to start brushing off their skills and checking whether they have all that it takes to get the best available positions.

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