Western Publications Are Not Always The Right Resource For Interview Tips, Here Is Why

Published March 9th, 2021 - 02:30 GMT
Interview tips
The internet is full of tips and how to's on everything, but it's rarely audience-specific. (Shutterstock: Gustavo Frazao)

In the internet age, we tend to ask Google about all sorts of things. Whatever questions that come to our minds end up on the search bar with us asking the world-renowned search engine for information, interview tips, details, or even advice. But should we take all of its answers blindly?

You've got a job interview soon? You are probably googling tips on how to behave during the interview, or searching for the most common questions to expect. Yet, results are not always to be taken by everyone.

If we look into websites offering interview tips online, we will most probably find an overwhelming majority of western-based content that is also directed at a western audience.

Western culture vs Eastern culture

The haunt for a job in the US or Europe can be quite different from it somewhere in the Middle East or East Asia, a fact often disregarded by both digital publishers and individuals on the search for information.

While the basics can be the same in our heavily globalized world, detailed interview tips can include some critical differences based on significant cultural differences.

This is particularly important in countries where companies do not necessarily follow the western approach of holding interviews. In some countries, a sense of friendliness and respect shown between the interviewee and the interviewer can more be valuable than arriving exactly on time, which is still an important thing taken into consideration all over the world.

Another example can be seen in the kind of questions applicants should expect during interviews, as employers and HR officers do not always follow the western textbook.

All of this suggests that people on the search for such information should try to find ones that are as relevant to their culture and environment as possible, to avoid missing out on crucial advice, ones that can potentially help them win the opportunities they are trying to score.

Aside from advice and tips on job interviews, in what other areas should readers consider culturally-relevant sources instead of ones written by western publishers?

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