Has Apple accidentally leaked the new iPhone 6C?

Published May 25th, 2015 - 07:39 GMT

A mysterious phone has appeared on the Apple Store website, on an otherwise unsurprising product page, which some have speculated could show an unreleased phone.

The image was found following the release of the iPhone Lightning Dock, a small plastic bed that phones can sit in to charge. But on one of the example pictures, a phone could be seen — and while it looks mostly like an iPhone 5C, small differences have led some to speculate that it might be a different phone altogether.

The phone has a different home button — unlike the existing 5C's, it doesn't have the square icon on it. That is the same as the newer iPhones and iPads, which feature Apple's Touch ID fingerprint sensor and so have an all-black home button.

Many said that the rendering could depict the "iPhone 6C" — the imagined update to the 5C that would come out with the new high-end versions of the iPhone at the end of the year. Since the iPhone 5C is the only member of the iPhone and iPad range that doesn't have the Touch ID sensor and so such an upgrade could be likely.

But it's equally likely that a rendering error created the phone, which is otherwise identical to the existing colourful iPhone 5C. The image certainly looks to have been created as a computer rendering, rather than being a photo.

Apple has been rumoured to be bringing out a new "C" version of its phones. Other rumours have suggested that the phone could sit alongside the updated versions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, allowing people who want a cheaper or smaller phone than those handsets to still get hold of them.

By Andrew Griffin

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