High Internet surfing in Lebanon

Published October 26th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The Internet frenzy has hit the Lebanese capital so hard that cyber cafés are opening up in unlikely places, including kebab shops, to meet the demand. According to a recently conducted survey, 66 percent of males and 60 percent of females in Lebanon spend their spare time surfing the Net.  


The report, published in the Sayidati magazine, asserts that Lebanese surfers consider the Internet to be the best source of information for this day and age, and thus, spend at least 10 hours per week surfing.  


Lebanon has one of the highest Internet user rates in the region. According to a survey by the Internet Arab World, Lebanon trails only three countries — UAE with 400,000 Internet users, Saudi Arabia with 300,000 Internet users and Egypt with 440,000 internet users. Still, Lebanon’s total Internet users community, amounting to 227,500, is highly impressive considering the country’s small population. 


Approximately 82 percent of the local male teenagers and 98 percent of female teenagers surf without having received any prior training or instruction in the field of computers or Internet.  


Additional information revealed that of the female surfers, 70 percent access the Internet via their computers at home, while 17 percent log on using friends’ computers. The remaining 13 percent prefer to use the computers available at local Internet coffees and clubs.  


Approximately 130,00 companies in Lebanon advertise or sell products on the Internet, a number which is expected to reach 500,000 within the next few years. — (Albawaba-MEBG)

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