How to boost your work performance

Published April 4th, 2016 - 12:56 GMT
Seize new opportunities, and take on tasks that are not usual for you. (Shutterstock)
Seize new opportunities, and take on tasks that are not usual for you. (Shutterstock)

Because we spend an average of 8 hours a day at the office, it’s very important for our jobs to be meaningful to us, inspiring us to become better humans, and to constantly learn and be a productive part of our companies and societies. Improving our work performance is not only a matter of getting rewarded for work well done through raises or promotions, but also because results in increasing happiness and personal satisfaction.

Here are five simple and easy ways on how you can improve your work performance and increase your productivity:

1- Get Organized and Use Prioritizing Apps

As repeated as this may sound, organizing your tasks can be the most time-consuming task. As you handle more and more responsibilities, it is very likely that you start feeling lost in your job! I am sure we all experienced a time where we absolutely had no idea where to begin when assigned new projects,  and then so suddenly there is this Performance Review you have to submit, or an important survey that needs to be turned in ASAP. I find it very helpful to resort to online applications or tools that help me prioritize my work when an excel task list just couldn’t cut it anymore. Here are some apps you can use to manage your time.

2- Exercise and Be Healthy

Yes, do sports! If you Google the most successful and influential people, I am sure you will notice that these people give their bodies as much attention as they do their job. Being healthy and taking care of your body does not only make you look sleek, but also boosts your alertness and energy. More exercise means more blood flow to your brain, which reflects on your work performance. When you improve your alertness and awareness, you are more likely to be more ready to tackle your next big project.

3- Strengthen Your Relationships With Your Boss and Ask for Feedback

The exchange of feedback with your boss should not only be during the yearly performance review. On the contrary, a department is best productive when there is an open line of communication, and readiness to accept ideas and feedback.  Always push for weekly or bi-monthly meetings with your manager to discuss progress, address issues, and acknowledge accomplishments.  A feedback culture is the best culture for growth.

4- Be Courageous and Embrace New Challenges

Seize new opportunities, and take on tasks that are not usual for you. This will tremendously improve your capacity, your knowledge, and will help you expand your network in the office through dealing with different functional departments. Also, being courageous and proactively taking on new challenges will put you in a favorable and more trustworthy place with your superiors, and everyone will look at you as a valuable asset.

5- Get Enough Rest and Do Not Overwork Yourself

Overworking yourself and sleep deprivation will not help you be better at your job. In fact, they can make you less focused and generally fatigued, which ultimately will affect your work performance. Always prioritize your day to make sure all the urgent tasks are being handled before 5-or whenever you are supposed to leave. Do not make it a habit to take your work home, this can work out for a few times when you have very important deadlines, but doing this frequently will ultimately drain your energy and you will eventually find yourself questioning your job.

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