Arabia CSR Network to Conduct Two-Day Training Course on Integrated Reporting

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Published October 16th, 2017 - 08:44 GMT
Habiba Al Marashi, President & CEO, Arabia CSR Network
Habiba Al Marashi, President & CEO, Arabia CSR Network

Arabia CSR Network, the Middle East region’s leading training service provider and think tank, has announced that it will conduct a two-day training course on integrated reporting (IR) in Dubai from November 15 to 16, 2017. The course aims to help companies which are keen to step up their efforts in preparing more cohesive and efficient corporate reports that include the outcomes of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability initiatives, and their impact on the overall performance of the company.

The course will equip top-level executives such as CSR managers; sustainability focal persons; internal and external communications specialists; marketing, PR and brand specialists; government, non-profit groups, academics and researchers; and strategic planners with knowledge, skills and guidelines on how to complete their own integrated reports.

Integrated reporting is a framework which aims to improve the quality of information companies provide to investors and stakeholders and accurately communicate the factors that materially affect the organization’s efforts to create value over time. It also seeks to enhance a company’s accountability and stewardship for a broad base of capitals, including financial, manufactured, intellectual, human, social and relationship, and natural.

Habiba Al Marashi, President and CEO, Arabia CSR Network, said: “In a competitive market, value creation is absolutely necessary for companies to stay afloat and bring forward the business’ financial, social, human, environmental and intellectual contributions to society. A clearly-defined and carefully-designed integrated report efficiently presents the company’s achievements in all these areas in one document. Companies can no longer continue focusing solely on their financial gains without integrating all the other material factors that affect their growth. It is essential that companies consider IR in their reporting process.”

At the end of the course, participants are expected to learn how to present the business case and value of integrated reporting; identify the main elements of the IR framework; recognize the step-by-step process of integrated reporting; and evaluate the effectiveness of an integrated report.

Background Information

Arabia CSR Network

Formed in 2004, the Arabia CSR Network (ACSRN) is the  first multi-stakeholder platform that engages small and large businesses and government institutions to strengthen their commitment to sustainable development across the Arab world.

The Arabia CSR network also aims to bring into greater focus the local and regional efforts undertaken at the corporate and civil society levels to further the case of CSR in the Middle East. Working under the slogan “Building Partnerships for a Sustainable Future“. The Arabia CSR Network’s aim is to facilitate exchange of ideas and to forge lasting partnerships across sectors for an improved society based on UNGC’s ten principles for human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption.

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