Haya Water to provide treated effluent for irrigation of Ghala Golf Club

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Published December 13th, 2011 - 10:29 GMT
Ghala Golf Club
Ghala Golf Club

Haya Water is to provide millions of gallons of treated effluent to help irrigation of the Ghala Golf Club facility as the company continues to add to its customer base for its water reuse product across the Muscat area.

Golf courses are already among the biggest consumers of treated effluent produced by Haya Water as a wholly beneficial product of the company’s ongoing world class water reuse project that will provide a state of the art system for home owners and businesses in the Muscat Governorate area.

The treated effluent is an environmentally friendly and highly cost effective solution to large scale water users who otherwise have to depend on desalinated water or potentially deplete existing groundwater supplies.

By using treated effluent, golf courses like Ghala Golf Club and others are able to make a significant and positive contribution to the environment and work with Haya Water to help the company achieve its long-term objective of making Muscat a better city.

Commenting on the new contract, Engineer Khalid al Lawati, Sr Area Manager from Haya Water said: “We are delighted to finish this project and add Ghala Golf Club to our growing number of customers in the Muscat Governorate area who are able to benefit from the treated effluent that our water reuse project is producing.

The effluent will be provided to Ghala Golf Club via a 6km pipeline from Haya Water’s Al Ansab treatment plant that is using ground breaking technology including what is considered to be the largest Submerged Membrane Bioreactor treatment plant that came into operation early in 2011.

The connection line to Ghala Golf Club will also provide Haya Water with a valuable connection point to supply treated effluent to customers along the Muscat Expressway and other customers. A significant length of the pipeline has been constructed alongside the Expressway route. 

Ghala Golf Club General Manager Bruce Fennessy said: “We are delighted to have entered into this partnership with Haya Water and benefit from their excellent treated effluent product. Golf Courses are notorious for utilising a lot of water for growth and maintenance which is why we are so pleased to have sourced a cost effective, value for money and most importantly, an environmentally sustainable solution for the club. We are sure that Haya water will continue to exceed our expectations and we look forward to their continued support in helping to develop golf in Oman.”

Haya Water’s massive water reuse project is now well underway and will be one of the biggest infrastructure developments of its kind and complexity ever seen in the Gulf region and one of the single largest construction and development projects ever undertaken in the Sultanate.

Thousands of kilometres of pipeline has already been laid to connect homes and businesses to the new network that will replace the old, smelly and inefficient septic tank system that is currently used by most properties in Muscat. By the end of 2011 an estimated 20 per cent of properties within Muscat Governorate will have been connected to the new system.

The company meanwhile has been committed since the outset to ensuring that it has incorporated the most advanced and sophisticated sewage treatment technology into its project that will transform Muscat and help make it a better city for now and in the future.

Background Information

Haya Water

Haya Water is Oman Wastewater Services Company's brand name. The Oman Wastewater Services Company SAOC was established in accordance to the Commercial Companies Law in the Sultanate of Oman in December 2002 with an initial shareholder capital of RO 20 million. The company has been incorporated as a joint stock company owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman.

The Corporate Office of the company is located in Al Khuwair, Muscat. Oman Wastewater Services Company is engaged in building and operating a world class wastewater system in the Governate of Muscat.

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