Al Koura residents are introduced to Nuqul Group’s “Legal Aid Clinic” through the strategic partnership with “The Justice Center for Legal Aid”

Press release
Published August 18th, 2013 - 04:46 GMT

Nuqul Group signed an agreement with the Justice Center for Legal Aid (JCLA) that aims to establish a “Legal Aid Clinic”, with the support from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and the Municipality of Dair Abi Saeed. The clinic will provide free legal counseling and court representation for the underprivileged segments of the local community members living in the District of Al Koura. This agreement supports the activation of the developmental role through the reinforcement of the partnership between municipalities and the community.

The Legal Aid clinic is located in the urban area in Dair Abi Saeed, and is part of the activities and projects of Nuqul Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility program in the Koura District.

A full time certified lawyer will be available at the clinic supported by a specialized team from JCLA who will carry out a comprehensive needs assessment study, leading to a clear action plan that will tackle all issues that are currently facing community members who lack the financial support and the legal background to address their legal issues and court cases.

Commenting on the importance of such a collaboration while commending the efforts of JCLA, Nuqul Group’s CEO, Salim Karadsheh stated: “We are closely working with the local community in Al Koura to design and deliver projects and activities that tackle socio-economic, educational and livelihood challenges, and it has become increasingly clear to us that the less fortunate segments of the community lack quality legal counseling and court representation due to their economic situation. This affects their own self empowerment and their capacity to contribute to their families and to their community at large.” 

Karadsheh also commented: “We feel confident that through our partnership with the JCLA as well as through our other projects and activities, we will succeed in presenting a new model of sustainable and comprehensive development that truly empowers the least privileged segments of society.”   

From his end and representing JCLA, Dr. Salah Al Deen Al Bashir commented: “Our collaboration with the Nuqul Group is a real model of how well- structured partnerships between civil society organizations and the private sector can produce sustainable impact on the livelihoods of local communities. With the great support of the Municipality of Dair Abi Said which has provided a well-equipped location for hosting the clinic combined with the local advocacy of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, we expect that this clinic will become a sustainable institute that underprivileged citizens of Al Koura district facing legal problems can quickly and reliably utilize for solving legal issues that weigh heavily on their livelihoods and their aspirations towards a better life”.

In addition to the Legal Aid Clinic, Nuqul Group will be implementing a series of other activities in the coming months targeting the local community through educational, cultural and athletic initiatives, as well as establishing and supporting income generating projects.

Background Information

Nuqul Group

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Elia Nuqul, founded Nuqul Brothers Company on January 1, 1952 in Jordan as a trade and import company for foodstuff. This modest operation has grown over the years to become a worldwide corporation embracing a number of ventures in the Middle East region, and has been distinguished for its emphasis on ethical business practices and an appreciation for opportunity. Six years later, in 1958, Fine Hygienic Paper Company was established and soon became the region’s flagship brand for hygienic paper products.

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