World organization for Renaissance of Arabic Language prepares for second annual forum

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Published January 18th, 2016 - 05:48 GMT
Dr Ali Al Kubaisi, Director General of the World Organization for Renaissance of Arabic Language (WORAL), discusses the upcoming Arabic Language Forum.
Dr Ali Al Kubaisi, Director General of the World Organization for Renaissance of Arabic Language (WORAL), discusses the upcoming Arabic Language Forum.

Final preparations for the upcoming Renaissance of Arabic Language Forum are currently underway. The innovative Forum, hosted by the World Organization for Renaissance of Arabic Language (WORAL), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), is set to take place from 20th to 21st January 2016 at the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC).

As part of the lead-up to the Forum, which is entitled ‘Linguistic Upbringing of The Arab Child - The Reality and Prospects for the Future’, WORAL recently organised a comprehensive media roundtable. The session provided an informative summary of the objectives and initiatives of the event, which is in-line with QF’s mission to develop a knowledge-based society, while protecting and preserving the region’s heritage and culture.

The Forum will bring together more than 300 well-known researchers and figures from the education field to contribute to the three themes, which include ‘Realities of the Arab Child’s Linguistic Upbringing’, ‘The Effects of Children’s Exposure to Current Arabic Media Content’, and ‘Alternatives to Develop the Arab Child’s Linguistic Future’.

Additionally, through four interactive workshops, ‘The Development of Arabic Language Skills for Children’, ‘Creative Writing for Children’, ‘Children's Programmes on Radio and Television’, and ‘Modern Techniques to Enhance Children’s Use of the Arabic Language’, the Forum aims to encourage participation from the audience. Furthermore, the two-day event will feature discussions of research papers and initiatives on linguistic development.

Commenting on the upcoming event, Dr Ali Al Kubaisi, Director General of WORAL, said: “The themes and workshops will deal with all aspects of linguistic education for Arab children. A comprehensive approach, it will allow us to provide practical recommendations that can be applied to school systems around the region in order to achieve the best results.”

Dr Al Kubaisi also emphasised the role of media in enhancing Arabic language by saying, “Audio and visual media is key to enhancing the linguistic abilities of children, especially considering the amount of time young people spend on platforms such as television, tablets and smart phone applications. Therefore, it is important to offer programmes and initiatives that specifically cater to children."

WORAL was established in 2013 to enhance the Arabic language through creative and proactive initiatives that address language and research culture.

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