Top 5 Killer Tips To Nurture Your Twitter Followers' Base

Published March 26th, 2020 - 09:30 GMT
Top 5 Killer Tips To Nurture Your Twitter Followers' Base
Make sure to keep on posting relevant and appropriate tweets for your followers. (Shutterstock)
If you want your opinion to be valued and increase in reach, you need to add more number of followers all the time.

Twitter has been in existence for 14 years in our lives and still remains the most influential platform for people to showcase their thoughts, opinions, feelings, and emotions.

The app believes in the quality of matter and not quantity, that is the reason behind its limit to words. Though the limit has been increased to 280 from the original 140 words per tweet, people have been using the limit up to a certain extent.

If you want your opinion to be valued and increase in reach, you need to add more number of followers all the time. There are many ways to do so, but some of them have been tested and proved to be really effective. We have tried to include the most effective ways in which you can make use of various tools and ideas to increase the number of your followers.

Here are the 5 steps to get more Twitter followers:

Keep on Tweeting

Make sure to keep on posting relevant and appropriate tweets for your followers. When this happens, the existing followers will surely share them with their own set of followers, who in turn will want to follow you back, thereby increasing the number of followers eventually.

For this, remember to post the correct manner of conversational tweets with the audience, connect with them on a personal level, without using or marketing only yourself.

The more people feel connected to your tweet, the more they would want to share it back. Even you can retweet some of the posts that are related to your business, which can also help increase your audience level.

Quality of Content

You need to keep this point always in your mind before tweeting anything. Writing long sentences that makes almost no sense is always worse. There is a limit of 280 words over the app and you should use them quite wisely in order to deliver quality content to your followers.

The better the information would be, the more your followers will be attracted to the content, which will enable them to retweet them and increase your respective number of followers.

Switch between visual and written content to involve more activity from your followers. There are some innovative content discovery channels as well to keep on providing fresh content for your audiences like Drumup, Storify, Pocket, etc.

Promotion of Twitter Handle

Promote your Twitter handle regularly in order to procure more followers.
Your profile should be interesting and attractive enough for the human eye so that while browsing through the pages, people can view your handle and if found relevant and interesting enough, will eventually follow. This will surely increase the number of followers eventually.

Make use of a good quality cover picture and profile picture correctly depicting your personality or business. This will let the users know exactly who you are and what you preach. Fill all the details correctly, so that the whole bio looks appealing to the potential follower.

Hashtags and Current Topics

Use your hashtags wisely. Many people utilize Twitter to gain information and trends about various things, so search for particular topics. Make use of relevant hashtags so that users can search and get your tweets in action.

This might enable the users, if they get interested in your twitter account, to follow you back and even share it with their followers. This will eventually increase the number of followers day by day.

Keep yourself updated on the trending hashtags and incidents going around in the world, so that you always stay ahead of your game and gain extra points from your followers.

Start following others

This is a legitimate trick to follow. Immediately start to increase your following too. This will let other people know about your existence and in turn, will help you increase your number of followers.

Don’t just start following blindly, look out for related industry people and that will get you good exposure and lets them know about who you are and what your thoughts are.

When you start interacting with other people and let them hear your voice, they might like you or not like you. One or the other way, the people who actually start to like your page will also start following you.
Build up good content and let people see your talent through various platforms.


There are many ways in which you can increase your Twitter following and the best of them have been listed above. Other common tips include tweeting during rush hours or retweeting, replying and tagging users, etc.

Manage your account well enough and do not forget to follow these steps in order to get more and more followers on your account.

Only if you follow them religiously, you will be able to make better use of the followers. You need to make sure to maintain the loyalty of your existing followers as well as the new ones so that they don’t leave you in between.

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