The best and worst of times on Arab Idol

Published June 2nd, 2013 - 07:25 GMT
Cheb Khaled lights up the stage Friday night on Arab Idol
Cheb Khaled lights up the stage Friday night on Arab Idol

Ahlam was at it again Friday night on Arab Idol. The most controversial judge has made yet another enemy with her former ally Hussein Al Shufai after he started siding with superstar judge Ragheb Alama. Speculations are that it was colleague frustrations that led Ahlam to abdicate her judge’s seat and actually move to a seat in the audience at one point in the show.

The hit talent show was guest starred by Algerian international Rai singer Cheb Khaled, who lit up the stage performing his greatest songs with his famous infectious smile, while the three contestants who shined the most Friday night were Parwas Hussien from Kurdistan- Iraq, Ahmad Jamal from Egypt and Palestinian favorite Mohammad Assaf who sang in the Gulf style with much praise from judges’ bench.

The episode was full of surprises with contestants singing duets together, trying their hardest to make it past Saturday's elimination. Majed Al Mohandes helped keep morale up the following night with stellar songs while everyone's nerves were on edge, waiting for the big announcement to be revealed. When the moment of truth did arrive, it was Abdel Karim Hamdan saying a final farewell to the competition.

Was Abdel the right man to be nixed? Please share with us your comments below.

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