Ayman Rida in the ninth season of Spotlight

Published May 8th, 2012 - 10:29 GMT
Syrian comedian Ayman Rida
Syrian comedian Ayman Rida

An inside source at the “Syrian Art Production International” has revealed that the Syrian comedian, Ayman Rida, will be joining the cast of the comedy sitcom “Boqa’at Dou’a” (Spotlight) in its ninth season, to be directed by Amer Fahed.

The source denied the rumor that has been circulated by the local media about Ayman Rida having a significant fall-out with the director and backing out of the series, according to Ana Zahra website.

Director Amer Fahed has already started filming the first scenes of the series these last couple of days. The series enjoys the appearance of the likes of  Amal Arafa, Wael Ramadan, Myriam Atallah and Zeina Aftimos, acting giants in Syrian film.




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